Acupuncture for Pain Treatment

What patients say about Acupuncture


“I came to Becky whilst undergoing fertility treatment.  Previous cycles on the hormones had not worked and I was really really anxious and upset that my chances would soon come to an end. Becky had such a wealth of knowledge and wanted to help me physically, but also emotionally.  After just six treatments with Becky, I found out I had conceived.  The acupuncture prepared my body for the treatment and it also meant I felt more calm and in control at this emotional time.”
HS – Godalming

“After suffering with symptoms of colitis and chronic stomach pain made worse by eating I was taking prescription medicines to control the pain.  After 2 years the doctors couldn’t do anything else and as I didn’t want to continue having side effects from tablets I sought an acupuncturist to help.  After a few sessions Becky had lessened the pain, eventually getting rid of it, and stabilised my stomach. She was very helpful and understanding and also provided good recommendations on diet and supplements I could take. She also helped with any other problems I had along the way such as carpal tunnel pain where she was also effective in helping ease the problem. I would recommend Becky to anyone in the area.”
HR – Farnham

“Following a mild stroke, I experienced quite severe sciatica down the left hand side of my body.  Within three hourly sessions of acupuncture with Becky it had completely gone.  I was amazed and very thankful.  Since then I have used her practice after a broken ankle and acupuncture has really helped rehabilitate my whole leg to full functionality.  I would strongly recommend Becky who is  very experienced and knowledgeable practitioner who always makes me personally feel very cared for.”
CRR – Fetcham

“I was about to start a third cycle of IVF treatment and wanted to give myself every chance of success.  Acupuncture had been recommended to me but it was only on this third cycle that I met Becky and started a course of treatment.  Becky has always been really supportive and knowledgeable and after having seen her regularly I was delighted to find out that I was pregnant.  I really feel that having treatment from Becky has really helped me and this has continued so far through the first stages of my pregnancy.”
JM – Reigate

“I went to Becky for acupuncture for my psoriasis, knee pain and low mood, and found the treatments to be very beneficial.  Becky gave follow up advice regarding diet and lifestyle choices too, which I feel makes the treatment much more effective as there are things you can do to help yourself between appointments. She is a very nurturing lady, highly skilled, and well worth a visit whether the root of your problem is physical or psycho-emotional.”
MC – Godalming

“In the capable hands of Becky Hale, my levels of stress have been greatly reduced.  I have also benefited from treatment for IBS and hot flushes.  I would highly recommend acupuncture.”
EL – Haslemere

“After suffering from heavy periods that could last for a number of weeks I now have a normal cycle.  Becky was great, very professional and made me feel very comfortable, considering I was scared at the thought of needles.  For the first time in years I have lived a normal life after acupuncture.  Becky is really passionate and I would most definitely recommend her to anyone looking to have acupuncture.”
HD – Midhurst 

“Becky achieved great results after treating me with acupuncture for sinusitis which I had had for many months.  No pill popping or sprays, this alternative method of treatment is a real find and I would highly recommend it to others.”
WH – Haslemere

“Becky has been successfully treating my arthritic thumbs and a long standing muscular pain in my leg.  I find her very friendly and extremely professional and passionate about her work and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her to others.”
JB – West Horsley

I had suffered with Tennis Elbow for at least six months before consulting Becky.  I was amazed to find that after only one treatment the pain was almost gone.  After the second treatment the pain in my elbow had completely gone.  Becky also gave me advice on heat treatment, which I now use regularly to keep the pain at bay.  I found her approach extremely professional, calming and relaxing.  I have since recommended Becky to friends.
MW – Haslemere

 “Having suffered with migraines for all of my adult life I decided to try acupuncture.  I am very pleased with the results and have noticed a major improvement after only a few treatments.”
JC – Haslemere

”I suffered from a frozen shoulder for seven months.  It was extremely painful to use my left arm at all, which was very difficult for me as I am left handed.  I had to compensate by using my right arm all the time, with the result that it too began to hurt.  I started acupuncture treatment with Becky, and within two weeks felt an improvement.  Now after only a few sessions my left arm is completely usable again and my right shoulder has stopped hurting.  I can wholeheartedly recommend acupuncture treatment for frozen shoulder.”
MD – Godalming

“I have suffered from insomnia for the past few years. I didn’t want to take tablets for the rest of my life so I decided to find an alternative route. I used to take over an hour to get to sleep but since having acupuncture I have been able to get to sleep straight away. Acupuncture has also helped significantly with my PMT.  I would highly recommend Becky who is a very thorough practitioner and has always made me feel very cared for.”
EH – Liphook

“Acupuncture has consistently helped me manage and eliminate various issues over the past 16 years.  Initially I sought acupuncture treatment for sinusitis which had plagued me for well over 10 years.  After only 2 treatments the sinusitis disappeared and I have not suffered since.  Additionally these treatments helped me with 2 very successful IVF treatments during a time when the success rates were quite low.  Most recently I have had acupuncture treatments from Becky Hale for stress, anxiety, depression and menopausal symptoms which have been very effective and I continue to consult her to manage these issues.”
GM – Grayswood

“I have been so impressed with the efficacy of acupuncture.  Having originally had treatment to address my hayfever and eczema very successfully I have continued my treatments and have been thrilled after 10 years of inflammatory pain in my feet and ankles to be free from this very debilitating problem.”
PE – Haslemere

“Becky treated me for chronic back and shoulder pain, and whilst the root causes are not readily curable, I gained instant and long lasting relief from the various techniques she employed.  I also found acupuncture very beneficial in the treatment of stress related headaches and low energy levels.”
JM – Grayshott

“I play squash competitively at least 4 times a week and began to suffer from tennis elbow which got to the point that I had to wear an arm support to enable me to play. The pain after a match was constant and very uncomfortable. I attended Becky’s clinic and had 3 acupuncture treatments and the pain and tenderness has now totally gone. I would highly recommend acupuncture for tennis elbow, as a quick and painless treatment for this annoying and painful condition.”
DC – Midhurst

“Having had problems trying to conceive, I booked a course of treatments with Becky to try and find a natural, non-surgical solution. Just as an operation and fertility treatment were looming, I was delighted to discover I had conceived naturally after 7 acupuncture treatments.  In addition, the treatment brought a sense of real relaxation and well-being.”
DW – Haslemere

“I suffered from ‘hot flushes’ since treatment for breast cancer in 2009.  On my daughter’s recommendation I went to Becky for treatment and after about 6 sessions, there was a definite improvement.  That together with the advice to cut down on coffee has certainly helped and I feel the problem is now manageable.  If the problem deteriorates, I will definitely be back on Becky’s couch for further treatment.”
JS – Liphook

“My partner and I had been trying to conceive for 2 years plus.  We had just started to seek medical advice, and felt daunted by the process and lack of straight forward information.  Not only did Becky give me acupuncture, she helped me to understand my cycle, guided me to record my basal temperature, and suggested beneficial foods and exercises. I conceived naturally on my third cycle.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Becky for problems related to conception, or simply to aid relaxation.”
LS – Haslemere

“I was getting symptoms such as terrible hot flushes & mood swings from going though the menopause. Since seeing Becky I hardly have any hot flushes and my mood swings seem to be under control.  I would definitely recommend Becky as I don’t know how I would have coped without acupuncture.”
MS – Grayshott

“I’ve had Osgood Schlatters for about a year, for the 6 months before seeing Becky I’d had to give up sports and my attendance at school was down to 70% because I was so bad at times. I had a course of acupuncture which helped my symptoms. Osgood schlatters is a growing problem and until I stop growing I will have it. Acupuncture though has helped it to be more manageable. I am now back at school and starting to do some sports.”
NH – Liphook

“I first came to see Becky at the beginning of the year (2015) for anxiety.  I have found that acupuncture has had a significant positive effect on my anxiety levels.  Becky listened to what I had to say.  She is extremely professional and cared for my needs.   Acupuncture has improved my quality of life.”  
CC – Guildford

“My energy levels were at an all time low. Getting through each day was difficult, with an almost constant feeling of wading through treacle or walking under a cloud. Acupuncture improved my energy levels beyond any within memory as bit by bit the cloud lifted. My new found energy improved my quality of life enormously and allowed me to fully live each day rather than struggle through it. Becky also has other great health and well being tips to further compliment the achievements realised by the acupuncture alone.”
LY – Midhurst

“I started seeing Becky back in May, from the outset she made me feel comfortable and relaxed.  I was  diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis last year and was having difficulties with various joints, after only a few visits my hip and shoulder felt fantastic and could walk without hip pain for the first time in a few years, I then had a problem with my knee and after a treatment with Becky it was virtually back to normal.  Becky had been a tremendous help and has enabled me to carry on my day to day activities.  She has given good sound advice on my illness and recommended things that I can do to benefit it. Becky is a very experienced and knowledgable and I have and will continue to recommend Becky.”
KH – Headley Down

“I started treatment with Becky about four months ago suffering with anxiety/panic attacks.  Since having acupuncture I am off medication and feel that I can now get on with my life and go to places without worrying.  I never thought I would be free of anxiety, but I am thanks to Becky.”
LF – Headley Down

“When I was first diagnosed with neuropathy they gave me medication, which did not agree with me. I started looking on line for other treatments and discovered this can be helped by acupuncture.  I feel very lucky to have found Becky, not only because she is helping me with this condition and other problems, she is also friendly and professional. I have spoken my neurologist regarding acupuncture and he said several of his patients have said they feel this is of benefit to them and he agrees.”
JL – Grayshott

“We were recently diagnosed with unexplained infertility and didn’t know where to turn, until a friend recommended acupuncture.  I booked my first appointment with Becky and was overwhelmed with not only her knowledge, but also her help and advise.  Becky suggested various reasons as to why we could not be getting pregnant, such as diet, body temperature, iron level etc…  I felt that finally someone was listening to me and we slowly worked through each suggestion.  I was completely shocked to find that after a few months of acupuncture I was finally pregnant.  I can not recommend Becky enough and would like to thank her for all her help and guidance.”
JC – Sutton

“I was referred to Becky through a friend when I was suffering from ringing in the ear that was so bad it would wake me at night. My first 2 treatments although extremely relaxing and most enjoyable had no effect on the tinnitus, the 3rd treatment was helpful and from the 4th treatment onwards I have had minimal symptoms. I would highly recommend acupuncture and Becky’s professional knowledge and treatment.”
TW – Bordon

“Although I only had three acupuncture sessions, my sleeping problems greatly improved. Becky is both professional and friendly, which is a great combination.”
SB – Beacon Hill

“I had been suffering with tennis elbow in both elbows and a painful bicep and migraines for sometime before I decided to try acupuncture.  Becky came highly recommended so I went for my first appointment. She was very thorough with my initial consultation and set about putting me back together again.  I am extremely thankful to her for not only her expertise and vast  knowledge, but her kindness and professionalism, and of course I am completely pain free thanks to Becky.”
RP – Bordon

“After suffering with migraines for many years my 13 year old son started acupuncture treatment with Becky.  After only a few treatments there was a huge improvement and the migraines subsided.  Becky is very professional and compassionate and made my son feel completely at ease throughout the treatments. The whole process has made such a difference to all our lives as the migraines were quite debilitating at times and we are very grateful to Becky for her knowledge and care.” 
CS – Kingsley Green

“I visited Becky seeking help with conceiving my second child. I had never had acupuncture before and was unsure of what to expect. Becky was very professional, thorough in her evaluation and very understanding. I would definitely recommend friends and family to Becky, and I am now pregnant and very happy! Thanks again.”
EW – Haslemere

“I came to see Becky as I was undergoing my first round of IVF.  I had acupuncture 2 months before and during the IVF process.  I found the whole experience very relaxing.  I am now pregnant many thanks to Becky.”
RM – Godalming

“Thank you so much for helping me get through such difficult times. You have been invaluable and I have recommended you unreservedly.”
YH – Haslemere

“We had been trying to get pregnant for more than a year after being diagnosed with PCOS. I had started taking clomid for the previous 4 months and decided to book some acupuncture sessions after hearing about the success stories in fertility acupuncture from friends.  Becky took a very comprehensive medical history and was very calm and professional.  She began a programme of weekly treatments and after 3 sessions I found out I was pregnant.  The acupuncture gave me confidence that I was taking control of my body and I found it a calming and reassuring experience in what was a very stressful period.”
RB – Guildford

“I have always been intrigued by acupuncture so when I found it listed amongst ten things that might help with my arthritic knee I thought I would give it a try.  I googled acupuncture clinics near Haslemere and liked the sound of Surrey Hills Acupuncture. During my first appointment Becky’s professionalism, thoroughness and commitment gave me confidence. She told me she couldn’t cure my arthritis but she could help with the pain. My arthritic knee is now comfortable and Becky has started work on the other knee which I have since traumatised during a rugged coastal walk in Dorset. I would certainly recommend a consultation with Becky to anyone suffering from knee pain.”
RC – Haslemere

“I was completely sceptical about acupuncture having been through 19 months of failed treatments and intensive physio to try and help with my post-op nerve pain and compartment syndrome. I was at the end of the road with NHS treatments when someone recommended acupuncture to me.  It was a case of ‘what have I got to lose?’ So I went for it and within 2 weeks I noticed a difference and now 5 sessions down the line I am completely nerve pain free day and night and if you’d have told me that would have happened two months ago I would have laughed at you.  It has been life changing and completely eye opening for me so if your aren’t sure and you feel you’ve tried everything else it’s not what have you got to lose but actually thinking of what you could gain from it.”
NH – Milland

“After suffering with symptoms of colitis and chronic stomach pain made worse by eating I was taking prescription medicines to control the pain.  After 2 years the doctors couldn’t do anything else and as I didn’t want to continue having side effects from tablets I sought an acupuncturist to help.  After a few sessions Becky had lessened the pain, eventually getting rid of it, and stabilised my stomach. She was very helpful and understanding and also provided good recommendations on diet and supplements I could take. She also helped with any other problems I had along the way such as carpal tunnel pain where she was also effective in helping ease the problem. I would recommend Becky to anyone in the area.”
HR – Farnham

“My anxiety and stress levels are almost non existent after only a few sessions of acupuncture.  Thank you so much Becky.”
SW – Beacon Hill

“I have been going for Acupuncture with Becky for nearly 3 years now. Her calm and friendly personality, teamed with her thorough knowledge, has been so supportive through our journey of thyroid issues and infertility. I still attend appointments once a month, despite now being pregnant with twins (!), as I have found that Acupuncture is such a relaxing, all over body therapy, that hugely compliments my life.”
SB – Fernhurst

“I was just about to start my second cycle of IVF when I started seeing Becky, who had been recommended by a friend of mine who lives in the area. Her approach and knowledge made me feel calm and positive from the very start. I am now almost 20 weeks pregnant and am seeing Becky every 3 weeks. I also leave my appointments feeling calm and relaxed.”
AF – Beacon Hill

“Becky has been treating me for arthritis and inflammation in my hands. After only a couple of treatments the pain and inflammation had reduced significantly that previous physiotherapy had failed to help. Becky has a wealth of knowledge, empathy, always puts you at ease and knows exactly what treatments are going to be of benefit. I would recommend Becky to anyone who is considering acupuncture.”
SS – Kingsley Green

“I came to see Becky following a miscarriage, to help me get pregnant and keep the pregnancy, given I was struggling as am over 40. Becky is knowledgable about acupuncture for fertility related issues and very thorough and professional in her approach and her warm, friendly manner is lovely. I always feel relaxed and positive after a session. As I write this I am 38 weeks pregnant following successful IVF! From the end of my second trimester I had quite debilitating pelvic pain that made walking and doing anything much very difficult. Becky used acupuncture to treat that and after just a few sessions focused on this issue, the pain had practically gone and this made my third trimester much more manageable. I would thoroughly recommend a consultation with Becky for anyone looking to try acupuncture for fertility.”
ET – Thursley

“I consulted Becky after suffering several months of insomnia and feeling pretty worn out. After treatment roughly every two weeks for two months my sleep pattern had returned pretty much to normal for which I am extremely grateful. I felt Becky was very professional in her approach and would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone seeking a competent acupuncturist.”
JF – Haslemere